New music: Keri Hilson featuring Lil' Wayne - Turnin' me on

New music: Keri Hilson featuring Lil' Wayne - Turn me offYet another Keri Hilson song has made it's way to the internet in full and this one is called "Turnin' me on" and features the rapper of the moment: Lil' Wayne. This is rumoured to be the second single from her 'constantly pushed back and will probably end up shelved' album In a perfect world....

Listen: Keri Hilson featuring Lil' Wayne - Turnin' me on

In a perfect world...
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I'd lean and snap fangaz to this in the club if I were to hear it. But it is nothing amazing and not single material. Lil' Wayne's verse is killer! Even though it makes Keri sound like a chicken head and (once again) the auto tuning is over played. I'm SICK of Lil' Wayne killing it everyt ime with his d**k sucking vocals. He also ruins the very end of the song as he did Cassie's "Official girl" - talking bullshit long after the song's faded out.

Keri's situation is not looking good at ALL with all of these leaks. The only redeeming feature is that she and her people can gauge fan reactions to the songs and act accordingly. But all they seem to be doing is pushing her album back and nothing else. Timbaland presents shock value was the perfect time for Keri to roll out, especially considering she was featured on several of the albums tracks (one of which was a huge success: "The way I are") and fans were waiting to hear more from her, along with the song that didn't make the final Shock value track list: "Your cover's blown". But now it's got to the point where those who want to hear her album are growing so fed up by the pushbacks, that they're just not caring anymore. If these songs keep leaking we'll have her whole album anyway and Interscope won't have nobody to blame but themselves.