Music video: 4 tomorrow - Tomorrow

Nice song. Crap video. The video could have done with a fly ass set, some costume changes and tighter choreography. Shit was pretty ragged for a K-Pop video centred around a girl group.

I'm in love with Ga-in. She seemed so different here. Whenever she's in Brown eyed girls she always seems so serious and swags to the max. But when she's around folk her own age, she let's go a bit. Perhaps she has to keep up appearances so her group members don't keep passing her off as 'the magnae'. But I do like Ga-in when she smiles, because she has a cute smile. I love her legs too. I'd lick kimchee of, up and down them legs fa sho'! Of course I'd ban the smiles. Ga-in's has a cute smile, but that smoulder is what does it for me. Why does she not have a contract deal with a Korean cosmetic company? The amount of mascara and eye shadow that chick wears...