Kelly clears the air about her friendship with Beyoncé...

Kelly was approached on the set of her "Commander" video and asked about her friendship with Beyoncé and what's her face who went down on BET. I had to watch this twice. The first time I was just too fixated on Kelly's wig.

There has been word on B and Kels falling out ever since Kelly sacked Beyoncé's father as her manager (the best damn career move she's made). And when Beyoncé dropped her video for "Why don't you love me", everybody went off that it was Beyoncé trying to take heat off of Kelly's it's clearly gonna be a hit single.

I don't know what the deal is. Just because Beyoncé and Kelly aren't always seen together, doesn't mean they're no longer friends. I have close friends of mine who I don't see for months at a time. But it doesn't make us any less close. Then again, it's not out of the realm of possibility that things are sour between the two. Kelly sacking Beyoncé's father as her manager must have left a bad taste in her mouth. And regardless of how tight you are with somebody: when you're in a music group with that person, and you see your fellow member just take off as a solo star and get breaks that you've failed to - it must cut a little. You can still be good friends with that person and support them. But deep down, it's going to cut you.

I'd like to think Kels and B are still close, because I want a fifth Destiny's Child album. And if Beyoncé really wanted to mess up Kelly's chances of solo success with "Commander", then she would have dropped a music video for "Radio". She still could...

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