Music video: Dirty money featuring Rick Ross & T.I - Hello, good morning

This song should go under as P. Diddy featuring Rick Ross & T.I, with Dawn and that other hard faced chick listed in the album inlay as Additional vocalists. Rick Ross and T.I did not but a bar wrong in their verses. The production on this track is correct. It's been a while since I heard something knock that Danja had a hand in.

I do love me a Hip-hop video with a helicopter and some pyrotechnics. The fireworks going off and the end was a big deal. A very big deal. It's a shame there was no dance routine: either choroegraphed or impromtu to go along with it all. The video was still lite by Hype Williams standards though. His hop hop videos used to be the biggest things ever. They were like main events. As soon as his work played on MTV, you knew it was a Hype video. But as of late, his stuff has been looking plain and lacking that Hype gloss. I wonder what's up with that...

Dawn best ride this Dirty money train for all it's worth, because 'the movement' won't last. Once Diddy's done with this Dirty money mess, he'll soon get bored and Dawn will find herself struggling like all the other Danity Kane chicks. Diddy don't look out for nobody but himself.