Music video: Hitomi smokes and opens her legs with Donnie Darko thugs in "↑↓"

J-Pop's bit of filth who was skanking on the charts and televisions long before Kumi opened wide is back on the scene with "Up down" (stylized as "↑↓"). The song sounds like a Son Dam-bi reject, but I like the video. The editing is what does it for me. Although Hitomi did very little but walk, squat down, open her legs and smoke a cigarette, she was swaggin'. She's a bad bitch. Ain't no other chick in Japan who would pose in suspenders and smoke a cigarette whilst stood in between two Donnie Darko rabbit looking ass n***as. But Kumi Koda will probably go one better for her "Go to the top" video and straddle some Rastafarians and throw up the west-side.

"↑↓" is produced by Brian Lee who is noted for collaborating with Lady Gaga. On which song, I have no clue. The song is lifted from Hitomi's album . Her last album charted at #125 on the charts, so how well this new album will do is anybodies guess.

Can you believe this woman is 36 years old!?

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  1. This is very MAA. It's low quality as hell, but MAA can't help it, she's on an indie label and has no budget; but Hitomi should know better. The video is low quality too, fucking dancing bunny man. Get out.

    I would be surprised if this even touched the charts.

    Japanese women don't age though.


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