Namie emerges to cut the ribbon for the opening ceremony of Tokyo fashion week. Then goes home.

Namie emerges to cut the ribbon for the opening ceremony of Tokyo fashion week. Then goes home | RandomJpop

Namie took time out of her busy schedule of doing absolutely nothing to attend the opening ceremony for Mercedes-Benz fashion week Tokyo. Namie's been wearing the same shit for the past 10 years and still manages to stay ahead of other hoes. I have no idea how she does it. So its only natural she'd be approached to kick off the event by being the one to cut the ribbon using the very same scissors she used to cut both Kumi and Ayu's weaves. That, plus she's the only pop star in Japan who is relevant in terms of sales. It was either going to be her or Beni. 3 years ago Ayu, Meisa Kuroki or Kumi Kehovah would have been THAT chick. But times have changed, their careers are on rocks and companies don't want flop chicks to be the face of their shit when they can't even sell their own shit.

Dis Namie's moment. She in di spotligh'. Just bow and accept it.

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  1. Actually, Kana Nishino is up there too in terms of popularity, and she's beginning to penetrate the Asian music market the same way Ayu did years ago. I've been reading about how she's now considered a trendsetter for fashion in Asia. She outsold both Namie in Utada back in 2010. She may not have Namie's physical sales now, but she's a strong digital seller. From what I have heard, I don't like her music.
    I wouldn't even put Beni up there in terms of relevant artists. After the whole success of Covers dies down her sales are going to decline again. The thing with Beni is that Japan doesn't care about her as an artist, which is the same reason Thelma Aoyama flopped into oblivion. It's also the reason Ayumi can still manage to go gold long past her expiration date. Japan did care about Ayumi, and because of it, Ayumi the brand is still selling her records. Same goes for Akb48 and near enough every idol group.

    Milyah Kato and Juju come to mind for semi-"relevant" female solo artists, but their careers will come to an end in due time. I can see both of their careers following the same route as Crystal's: Moderate Success for About a decade, and then slowly flopping away.

    1. oh and don't forget Superfly and ayaka, both of them are still "relevant" to the music scene :)

  2. I didn't realize 100k sales made a relevant artist.

    Beni basically sold what an average Perfume single sells; girl isn't relevant.

    Japan right now is a scary, scary place where Namie is Queen but Kpop and idol groups are the domestically abusive king.

    Good on Namie for leaving her home to do something though. She needs to pull an early career Ayu and start endorsing everything from coffee to cameras and rake in that Yen while she can.

    1. Beni is able to tour regularly. Is getting decent exposure considering her tier and had her last album stick around in the charts for 20 odd weeks and sell consistently meanwhile other hoes albums were coming and going. That makes her relevant RIGHT NOW, like it or not.

      Mercedes wouldn't want some Illuminati goth trick like Milyah Kato or some other J-chick who isn't currently active cutting the ribbon for fashion week. Is the thought of Beni being chosen to do as such THAT far fetched?

    2. I just don't think she's very liked as a personality is all, regardless of her current sales; which won't matter in a while when she releases Covers2 and plummets like Ami Suzuki covered in cement. She isn't top tier star quality right now, just a fluke of Japanese people wanting to hear some Japanese songs in English.

      Mercedes would probably rather put up an extra stage and bring in AKB48hoes than no star quality Beni.

    3. Come on now J... you can't even play like anyone is checkin for Beni like that, Kumi and Ayu are still way more relevant even while stuck in a rut lol

  3. Ok, I like Namie but am I the only one who finds her boring as fuck as a person and fashion wise? Same old thigh high boots GURL!!! Ayu is still relevant enough for this shit, she's still gonna be relevant forever tbh since she's the highest selling female in Japan... same as Mariah in America.

    I honestly think that if anybody in FAILvex had their head screwed on they would have shelved "FLOPPY Queen" and "A summer best" shipped Ayu out to London for a vacay and come back with the material she's dropping on these "mini albums" as a full album next year during her anniversary and announced a 2nd tour of Asia which would get everyone talking, I don't know why she hasn't toured Asia again since her first was so successful... get money bitch!

    1. Mariah can barely get her shit to sell on QVC, and the last promotion I think I saw was of Jenny Craig last year; but bitch only got that because she had twins. Not relevant.

      Same with Ayu, girl might be highest selling, but it sure as hell isn't because of her recent albums; making her currently irrelevant. Mercedes probably didn't even know Ayu existed.

      Namie has pulled off the same style for years, and I have no idea how, but she's kept it modern which scares me because I'm 100% sure she has a pact with the devil. Her cool persona is why Mercedes chose her, and because she's a fashion icon. Ayu has been wearing nothing but skimpy shorts paired with a torn up t-shirt and three pairs of false lashes for the past two years.

    2. HELLO... everyone still knows who Mariah is, She's still making Millions from private shows and just made $18m from Idol...
      Ayu may not be pushing the high numbers but her albums still go Gold which means she can still come back if she got her shit together and actually promoted it too (I can't remember the last time she seriously promoted an album) and she's still making tons from touring etc (unlike Mariah) but like I said, she needs to tour Asia again those tickets would be gone like THAT.

      And LOL I'm not a fan of Ayu's hoe look either but she seems to be recovering judging by her "LOVE" covers and at least she does switch it up, I agree Namie keeps it current but it's still essentially the same shit in different colours lol

    3. The thing with Namie is that her flyest, most bad ass outfits and poses are always in the magazines. Rarely in her music videos, album arts and inlays. Where-as with everyone else, it's the opposite.

      Her style get-up for 'Uncontrolled' was the most varied of her album runs. But generally, her shit stays the same. Same boots. Same corsets. And I recall her raccoon tail, chain, belt thing making an appearance on an album cover, a couple of videos years after the album cover and then live performances too.

      I think the consistency in her style is a part of why people like her. Almost like a cartoon character or a caricature. The hair and the boots. They're SO her and a point of reference / familiarity in a pool of artists who change their hair and overall style daily.

    4. Luke, BYE! Ayu and Koda are NOT relevant right now, and have not been for a while. Utada on hiatus is more relevant than Ayu right now. The current youth in Japan care more about Namie than any other female solo artist, FACT. Namie is really the only person that would have been asked to do this. She covers numerous fashion magazines and has tons of spreads, and she endorses make-up and skin care products. Honestly, I don't think that Beni being asked to do this is so far-fetched, but I definitely don't think she would be the next person on the list. I would think perfume would be next in line, their image is always on point, and they just graced the cover of Vogue Japan. Beni did outsell both Floppy Queen and Flopnesque, and this recent exposure will allow her next cover album to probably have decent success. It may even garner another gold certification or at least match the success of Love Box, but after this I expect her to steadily decline. Beni and universal fucked up. What they should have done is use this exposure to get Japan interested in her original material. Covers success was dumb luck, and whoever thought Covers2 was a good idea needs to get slapped.

    5. K bye... Ayu and Kumi stay raking in that tour $$$ and yes I know Namie is doing a dome tour but that's like 8 dates...

    6. Lawd have mercy! Are you serious? She sold out Domes and broke a record! A dome is the equivalent of a stadium, just to put things in perspective for you. Keep deluding yourself into thinking Ayu is relevant. Beni is constantly touring, and that bitch sells enough records to just about keep a record deal. Ayu touring doesn't mean shit. Please have a seat in one of those many empty seats available at Ayu's concerts.

    7. Mel likes to throw shade to Ayu... Who cares about that bitch? She might be the highest selling female in Japan, but as this guy said... Just like Mariah (who can't just age gracefuly.. Madonna i'm looking at you crazy bitch... You to JLo, you're in your 40's, stop shaking that booty like a horny hoe in da crub at 2am), she might be a legend but that doesn't change the fact that she's a shadow of what she was... Bitches are trying to hard because it's "so in" to be a crazy hoe and wear the dummest and ugliest shit only slaves from labels would wear... Namie's "Uncontrolled" that's why her hair is NATURAL and not a cheap pink wig like most of the pop hoes around the globe.

    8. @Mel R, I'm not surprised Ayu has some empty seats on this tour since it's been like 30 Arena dates now since she started it.. but please, we all know Ayu has WAY more $ than Namie... $400m.

      Ayu may not be selling the most but hitting No2 and getting a Gold album doesn't make you irrelevant lol PLEASE...

    9. I'm not surprised Ayu has some empty seats on this tour since it's been like 30 Arena dates now since she started it.. but please, we all know Ayu has WAY more $ than Namie... $400m.

      LOL! and Namie did 60 Arena tours with BEST FICTION tour! all SOLD OUT!

      400m?!?! seriously bro, there is no proof article about that, it is only an issue, abd there is no proof about it, please, stop being delusional

      hitting 100k still make you "relevant" though.. espcially when you are trying hard to be "relevant"

      Namie's "Uncontrolled" Overall sales = 500,000++++
      Ayumi's "Party Queen" + "A SUMMER BEST" overall sales = 288,000+++


  4. Oh Namie, she had that "whut bitch?" look on her face, smiled, broke that ribbon shit and left the place with the dead models on the back.

    As for "who's relevant and who's not"... I think Japan still knows are Ayu and Kumi while Beni will be buried under the Covers2 copies that didn't sell and no one will ever know anything abou that hoe again... Well not that much, but she will most likely flop after this thing... Who knows why Covers did nice on the charts...

    I even think Yamapi was eligible to cut that shit even being a dude... He's relevant and his cancerous voice sells... weird.

  5. I'm always ashamed for ayumi hamaSUCKI fans who fall back on that weak, "She has more money, she's sold more records" argument.

    Imma try and make this real simple.

    In the time it takes someone like Namie or Utada to release 1 album, are you with me, amessy hamaSUCKI done gone and released 2 albums, 1 Best Of (which is an oxymoron because that implies any of her stuff is the BEST of anything), and 5 singles.

    It's called Simple Math. When you release like a whore who is going out of style, selling more merchandise means absolutely jack sh@t.

    Especially now where not even her bombardment cycle of releases are accruing to be much of anything.

    One of Namie's Albums is still selling more than one of Ayumi's Albums, Best Ofs and Singles put together.

    So let's take a moment of silence to not give anymore of a fook about this obligatory wench who will only always be there in name only because Avex decided to catapult this wretch from the cuff of Utada's sleeves as she Koi Wa Shite'ed all over a bishes life back in the day.

  6. Never been a fan of Jpop, in fact, just starting to get into it, but Namie's got that good shit. And I somehow manage to like almost all her songs. And it seems Japan agrees to, going by this article and the comments.

    1. Japan loves Namie for the fact that she fits the standard of star quality and beauty, she's pretty beatiful, but she's also a real performer, she's that one pop star that can really perform live, yet she's not a whore. You'll never see Namie doing splits and wearing bikinis on her videos, she's a classy single mother and while she hasn't write lyrics for a song in a while, bitch's on CONTROL. Every single song she does, is because she wants to, the sounds she works with... because she wants to, the clothes she wears... because she wants to, not promoting or steping a finger on a tv set... because she wants to, she's not a writer, producer or stuff, yet everything she releases it's because she wants to, she's not a release whore, a cheap slut that uses sex to sell, that talentless trick that doesn't sing at all etc... There's many reasons why, but that's the main one: She fits with Japan's standards and her music sounds good!


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