New music: Britney Spears - Womanizer

New music: Britney Spears - WomanizerBritney's new shit ya'll! Peep it below...

Listen: Britney Spears - Womanizer

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It reminds me of a cross between "Toxic", "Radar" and "Ooh ooh baby". This is no "Gimme more" or "Slave 4 U", but I do like it. More could've been done with the chorus though. It's really repetetive. Having some harmonies or throwing in some crazy vocal effects Bloodshy & Avant style would've mixed things up a bit. Plus, I hate the bridge section. But as a lead single I think "Womanizer" will get the job done. If Britney comes correct with the video it could be a hit. I know there's no use in harbouring how Britney messed up with "Gimme more", but it has to be said: it's still a damn shame she didn't roll out properly with that single, because it was absolute fire and still is. I think half of the songs on Blackout are better than "Womanzier" and would've made better lead singles - but what's done is done.

In more Circus related news, 2 confirmed tracks for her album include the Dr. Luke produced "Circus" and the Danja produced and The Clutch penned "Kill the lights".

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  1. No need to add anything, you pretty said Everything I was about to say ,lol!

    Lets' wait for the vid Now...

    Where are You BEY??? *cries on J's shoulders*

  2. There, there... *strokes Ralph's head* Queen Beyoncé will drop that double A single and music video real soon to f**k up other bitches careers.

  3. This song is horrible I couldn't get past 1:30 very boring sounds like a rip off of Radar only not as good.

  4. It's ridiculously digital as only Britney can do. That being said, the song does got me bouncing. Her voice sounds so...odd during the verses, like she's dead or something.

    I agree with you that the chorus could have definitely benefited from something being thrown in. It's way too repetitive and annoying after a while.


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