New music: Jack White & Alicia Keys - Another way to die

New music: Alicia Keys & Jack Whie - Another way to dieThe new Bond theme for the forthcoming 007 film Quantum of Solace has touched down. The theme song "Another way to die" features the unique talents of The white stripes front man Jack White and Alicia Keys....

Listen: Jack White & Alicia Keys - Another way to die

007 Quantum of solace OST
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I don't like it. If this is kinda feel that the Bond producers wanted for the song, then I don't see why the likes of Leona Lewis or Beyonce were in the running for singing it; neither of their voices would've suited the song, and the girl they picked in the end doesn't suit it neither. Alicia Keys doesn't belong on a song like this. You can barely hear her amongst the brass, bass and guitars. Just because you have a good voice, it doesn't mean you can work every song style under the sun and this song is proof of that.

I wonder why Pink wasn't shortlisted. She would've sung the hell out of a theme like this because she has the right voice, tone and attitude for a song like this. Plus, given her current popularity with single "So what" burning up charts and everybody singing her praises about her brilliant VMA 2008 performance, she would've been the right girl for the job. Her popularity would've helped the theme make it big, and Pink doing the theme would've helped her album sales.

Overall, I think the theme is complete shit. It just isn't catchy enough and I think the wrong vocalist was chosen. People cussed out Madonna's "Die another day", but I think that was a better theme than this one. At least it was different and it went perfectly to the opening scene of the film.

It's a shame Amy Winehouse didn't have her shit together, because I know her and Mark Ronson would've come with one KILLER old school style Bond theme. Amy claims she's going to release it at some point so people know what they missed out on. She probably can't get her crack head act together to release it. I doubt the bitch has even recorded it. But I hope she does, because I'd love to hear it.


  1. From the comments I've read about this track I was expecting something atrocious! Just listened to it for the first time and it's actually not too bad. It could even ggrow to become a likes of mine, lol.


  2. Damn I totally agree, Alicia Keys is a soul singer~ this song makes her voice sound shrill and used up.

  3. I'm not fond of the song either, the instrumentals not bad but both the song and video are a bit boring.

    Didn't the Bond themes used to be named after the actual film? Not anymore, first Casino Royale now this? Tis not the same...


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