New music: Jennifer Hudson featuring Ludacris - Pocketbook

New music: Jennifer Hudson featuring Ludacris - PocketbookWith Jennifer Hudson's debut iminent, a new song has gone and leaked titled "Pocket book" which features Ludacris. This song been doing the rounds in name for so long, so it's cool to finally hear it...

Listen: Jennifer Hudson featuring Ludacris - Pocketbook

Jennifer Hudson
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As cool as it is to finally hear this song, I can't say I'm feeling it. I think it's whack. There's no strong melody and the track just feels lacking and incomplete. The only redeeming factor is Ludacris' contribution. Everything else is mad boring. Another case of me feeling that this chick should've hit up Danja instead. He, Jim Beanz and Candice Nelson would've laced her how they laced Fantasia Barrino on her second album. They sound of the songs they gave her would've suit Jennifer better than this beatboxed, melody lacking bullshit.

Jennifer's self titled debut album is due on September 30, but there doesn't seem to be much mass anticipation for it. I'm hardly on the edge of my seat for the album, but I will check it out when it drops in a couple of weeks time.


  1. The only incomplete thing to me about this song is the ending. It just kind of stops all abruptly.

    Maybe I've invalidated myself because I'm a Jennifer stan, but I don't see how you could call the song "mad boring". The beat is cool, and Jennifer's attitude and swagger is great.

    As I've said on my blog, this isn't the kind of song that will leave a lasting impact, but for what it is, I think it's really cool. And I LOVE the fact that it's so different from what Jennifer has done in the past (even Spotlight).

  2. @ "I don't see how you could call the song "mad boring"

    Very this: The song is MAD BORING. Done!

  3. Thank you for the clarification!

  4. oh..come on now you guys...chill a little!

    Well J, the song is ok!I've heard "Boring songs",that one can pass! I liked the idea behind it. The ending is odd (like u said junlee) But if My my gurl Bey had a song like that she would KILL it,coz the idea is not that bad!

  5. I just think the song is whack. It ain't got shit on "Spotlight". I can't say anything more about it that I didn't say in the post.

    I'm even even looking forward to her album. If it's good, then cool. But if not, then I really wouldn't care or be upset. I'm looking more to Pink, Beyoncé, Brandy, Ciara and Britney's albums.

    Her shit'll leak soon anyway, so we'll see what the deal is.


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