Bonus material: Keri Hilson featuring Timbaland - Return the favour

Bonus material: Keri Hilson featuring Timbaland - Return the favourEdit's is a new feature of the Bonus material section where I'll post official and self created edits of songs. Keri Hilson's "Return the favour" is the first of these cool little edits I'll share with you.

The final version of "Return the favour" stupidly removed the original chorus and replaced it with a bunch of "Hey! Hey! Hey!"'s. So I edited the song, so that we have a track which retains the newly mastered vocals and beat, but the old (and better) chorus. I also edited little bits here to tighten the song up a little. Hopefully you'll like it and this get a place on your mp3 players and hard drives.

Check it out: Return the favour (Random J edit)
In a perfect world...
© 2008 Interscope records, a Universal music company / Mosley music group

I'm still not feeling this song all that much. It just doesn't go anywhere and I honestly don't think enough was changed in the mastered version for it to be warranted a single. Had this been released ages ago it may have done things for Keri, but I can't see what good it'll do now.


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