New music: Beyoncé - If I were a boy & Single ladies (Put a ring on it)

New music: Beyoncé - If I were a boy & Single ladies (Put a ring on it)Beyoncé's double A-side singles have hit and every other chick in the game is officially scared and running for cover. Ready for your listening pleasure is the Toby Gad produced pop ballad "If I were a boy" and the Tricky Stweart produced and The Dream penned "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)".

Listen: Beyoncé - If I were a boy
Listen: Beyoncé - Single ladies (Put a ring on it)
I am...
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Steady handclaps, uh-oh's and a line about Deréon jeans and a n***a watching her hips. Ain't we heard this shit before? Damn right we have. "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)" is seriously underwhelming. It feels too much like a cross between "Check on it" (which I hated) and "Get me bodied" (which is one of my fave B songs, but I'm not try'na hear her do that shit again). Nothing new what-so-ever. If it were to drop in a club, I would scissor leg and snap for da kids like my life depends on it. But as a come back single, it's just okay. It could easily be a left over song from B'Day. There's no sesne of growth.

"If I were a boy" on the other hand is real hot. I love Beyoncé's voice on it. She sounds emotive and powerful without over doing it. The song is hot enough to have been an A-side on its own. But I understand why the safe and clubbed out "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)" was joint with it as a double A-side. Because no urban radio station would bump "If I were a boy" unless it featured Jay-Z.

Beyoncé's third studio album is titled I am.... Boring arse title, I know. She should've called it the Weaveolophogus or B-Hova. I just hope her album is different. I don't think I can take another album full of songs like "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)".


  1. "If I Were a Boy" is a great song! My favorite part is actually at 3:13. She sounds so vulnerable!

    As for "Single Ladies (Put a ring on it)"...haven't we heard this numerous times before from Beyonce?

  2. "If I were a Boy" Love it.It's gonna n°1 that's for sure!!!

    "Single Ladies": I like it! Yes it's something that we've heard before I agree!

  3. On the other hand, we can also ask the question:WHO else CAN DO a song like "get me bodied" or "single ladies"???


    I think Bey has created her style now! "Single ladies" doesnt sound anythiong like a Rihana song,(janet nor any other felmale songs out there).I Think its better her music ressemble a little to her music then others,To be frank!

  4. "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)" is a bit of an anybody song. Kelly Rowland could ride the hell out that beat and probably handle it right ("Work" anybody?) and I think The Forehead could probably could do it too. She wouldn't do the bridge section that well, but the verses and choruses are just about within her range.

    "Get me bodied" on the other hand is a Beyoncé only song. She shut that song DOWN vocally. She was the beat. You didn't realize how much she contributed to that song vocally until you heard the instrumental. The bridge section was crazy! I stan for that song. It should've been the lead or follow up single off of B'Day.

    I hear what you're saying though. Not many chicks could get away with singing over what essentially are pretty stripped down hip-hop style beats.

  5. "You didn't realize how much she contributed to that song vocally until you heard the instrumental"
    I KNOW what you're talking about, and it is that exact song that made say that chick IS a GENIUS in my opinion!

  6. I think that's what I liked about B'Day. The songs weren't all brilliant. But vocally it was a great album because of how Beyoncé laced the beats. I appreciated her vocal production and arrangements so much more as a result of it.

  7. Yep, agree with everything you said!

    Im loving "single ladies" more and more.. I wish You could get the instrumental of the song coz, whats happening back there: its Phenomenal!...(Take your time J to listen everything perfectly, LOUD!!)...Right,after the bridge,there's this 'thing', this weird and HUGE sound that caotures your, The guys used the Power to the song man!
    That song is NOT that simple as everybody thinks. The claps does rimind us of GMB,also the way she sings it. BUT it's nothing alike! The beat arent the same at all.It has ragga groove on it(dont know how to explain it)

    Anyways.both songs are going to be number one.
    And J dont forget taht NOT everyone Knows fans,bloggers know everything but NOT everybody!
    The video will speak for itself!


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