New music: BoA - Eat you up

New music: BoA - Eat you upBoA's deubt western single, the Bloodshy & Avant produced "Eat you up" is now available in full and I have it ready for you to listen to...

Listen: BoA - Eat you up
Look who's talking
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I dug the song when I heard the snippet, but having heard it in full - I think the song is boring. It just flatlines and does nothing for me. I expected more from Bloodshy & Avant. Their songs are usually sonically so tight and interesting to listen to because of they way they switch things up and manipulate sounds. But "Eat you up" feels like the guys just couldn't be bothered. BoA's voice also gets annoying after a while. I'm shocked Bloodshy & Avant didn't vocode and auto tune her vocals, because they damn well should have. They usually process the hell out of vocals on their productions. They most definitely came better on Crystal Kay's "It's a crime". I had to throw that out there, because I stan for Crystal and that song. I'm mad it wasn't put out as a single.

I really don't think "Eat you up" is going to do big things for BoA in the West. It has an anybody sound and chances are people will turn around and say the likes of Britney would've done the song better, which she probably would have. I also think that there are other chicks in the Korean and Japanese pop market who would've done this song better, namely Kumi Koda. She actually would've sounded hot on this song. With the ho'd out antics she puts on display in her music videos and a song called "Eat you up" - she'd be in her element. You can only imagine the things she'd do in the music video. She'd probably actually suck a dick to the beat during the chorus.

Thanks to Lilithdarkstorm for letting me know this song had leaked in full!

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  1. Yay! Searching for random crap on the internet during my lunch hour and telling others what I found has pulled through! XD

    Now that you mentioned it, Koda Kumi would put in that 'umph' the track needs. If Kumi has proper English lessons and behaves as slutty as she does in Japan, plus with the right producers, she could be big in west. Oh god, the thought, O_O

  2. *LOL* Kumi has that 'Western attitude' I guess. (I can't think of a better term!), but she'd fall off so quickly because she shows no growth. She's no different now than she was when she started out; except her hair looks longer, faker and has more colours in it with each music video she does. Plus, she acts more and more ho'd out. Plus, all of her recent singles have been terrible knock-off's of what is popular in the West.

    It's a shame how the J-Pop ladies with actual talent don't have the swagger and the 'Oomph' to be big in the west. Hikaru and Crystal I LOVE, but they just won't ever be big in the West.


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