New music: Brandy - 2nd thought

New music: Brandy - 2nd thoughtHere we have a new song from Brandy. This track will not be appearing on Human, unless it ends up being a bonus track or gets added at the eleventh hour. Having heard it in full, I don't think it will though. So we can file this under 'Unreleased Brandy that sounds so good that it should've made an album'.

Listen: 2nd thought

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[If the player above does not play the song, click here to listen to it]

I get the feeling this song is un-mastered and not finalized. Something feels lacking about this song as it is. Brandy usually comes tighter with the vocal production and arrangements than this and some of the vocal layers sound louder than they should on some occassions and quieter on others. Plus the beat doesn't really switch up. On jams like this, Rodney usually comes with some tricks and some chord changes. But nope! Nothing here. A real shame.

Still...this is a decent song. Having now heard it in full I'm not sprung on it like I was when I first heard the snippet, mainly because the song doesn't really go anywhere. But it's always good to have something new from Brandy. Even more so if it's a song which won't feature on a release of her's. It gives us more Brandy to listen to and enjoy.


  1. Her vocals definitely sound off and sounded off when she first came in, like they're flat or something. I still love the beat, especially how it knocks.

    And that does NOT look like Brandy in that picture, lol.

  2. mm..yeah, dont like it that much.
    What makes U think it's not going to be on the album?
    I think it is...


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