New music: Brandy - After the flood

New music: Brandy - After the floodFresh off of the back of "Long distance" dropping comes her forthcoming album closer "After the flood".

Listen: Brandy - After the flood
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The song is hot. But considering this will be the final song on the album I was expecting it to really build up to this insane crescendo of harmonies, strings, piano's and guitars. But it didn't. It would appear that simplicity is what Brandy is going for with Human and it seems to be working, as it highlights her vocals now more ever than before. But I do think more in the way of instrumentation was needed towards the end of the song. It just felt like it was coasting along for 4 minutes with no real sense of progression. Still, I get the vibe what Rodney Jerkins and Brandy were going for and and I do like the song a lot. As with "Long distance" it has a classic and timeless sound about it. The song reminds me of Whitney Houston for some reason.

It's good to hear that Rodney Jerkins and Brandy's chemistry is still there. It seems they've both taken the simple approach. His compositions thus far don't sound as layered and produced to absolute precision as they were on Full moon, and Brandy's vocal arrangement don't sound as complex and as layered as they did on Afrodisiac, which I actually kinda like.

As much as I can't wait to hear new music from Brandy, I'll try my best to be hesitant about posting future leaks from her album, as I want there to be some surprises when I and also the fans amongst you buy it. But I will tell you this now: if "2nd thought" leaks, I WILL be posting it. I need that song NOW! It isn't featured on the tracklist for Human though, so I'm hoping it gets added; unless it is on the album under a different name.


  1. cannot listen to it :-(

  2. It just felt like it was coasting along for 4 minutes with no real sense of progression.

    Agreed. I really like this song a lot though, but out of the three (well, 4 with "Fall"), it's the least best. Which is about the worst thing I can say about it, because it's still a great track. The beginning is really awesome.

  3. Good luck in keeping this post. These bitches are deleting shit left and right. They just deleted my Em' post. :(


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