New music: Brandy - Long distance

New music: Brandy - Long distanceOur girl B-Rocka's "Long distance" is upon us folks! I stan for Brandy, so I won't joke about how long distance is what Brandy should keep when she's driving on the freeway.

Listen: Brandy - Long distance
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I wasn't sold on the song when I'd first heard a clip of it. But having heard the song in full, I really do dig it. The song has such a timeless sound and Brandy's vocals are so rich and emotive. I love how the song builds up from a simple piano and Brandy's un-layered vocals, to a grand explosion of strings, drums and perfect harmonies and ad-libs. Everything about this song is so on point and so rich.

Rodney Jerkins was not joking when he said the song was Grammy worthy. Damn right it is! Rodney Jerkins and Brandy did NOT play when it came to this song. There's something so simple, yet complex about the song that I can't quite put my finger on.

Brandy switched her shit up AGAIN! She's killing these other bitches in the game musically. I'm not sprung on "Long distance" the way I was (and still am) on "Right here (Departed)", but I do really like the song. It's the type of song I know I'll like more and more with each listen and grow to love a ridiculous amount. I just hope she comes with a decent video. Filming a video for this song in another McDonald's car park won't cut it and would completely kill the grandiose vibe of the song.



    Have you heard the acapella version?! Sweet Jesus this woman can do no wrong! I can't wait to get back to my room and put this shit on RE-PEAT!!!

    Golden I say, GOLDEN!!!

  2. She's in another place musically, that's why I lve her!

    anyways Pink's Full album enjoy:*

  3. The part where she sings "Can you hear me crying...", then the song pauses and just HITS you with everything. It's so brilliant!!!

  4. LMAO! I just saw the joke at the very beginning of the post!


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