New music: Kanye West - Coldest winter

New music: Kanye West - Coldest winterAnother new track from Kanye's West's latest. We get a whole load of singing (again), a fair bit of heartbreak (again) but thankfully no auto tune!

Listen: Kanye West - Coldest winter

808's & heartbreak
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This has to be one of my favourite Kanye West joints ever! I never would've expected Kanye to have dropped a song like this, even in the wake of "Love lovedown" and "Heartless". Nothing short of amazing. I love that Kanye didn't auto tune his vocals for this track. The imperfections in his voice and the unplugged vibe of it just works wonders, and I must say: I think he has a good decent singing voice.

For those who may not know, "Coldest winter" actually samples and interpolates the beginning of Tears for fears' classic song "Memories fade" near enough completely. Kanye's made a career out of sampling so this comes as no surprise. But I'm glad he didn't sample the way he usually does and that the song is void of chipmunked vocals (that shit got old real fast!) Many of Kanye's songs tend to feature a hook where a sample is looped over and over until it gets drummed into your subconscious. His useage of sampling here feels a lot more organic and subtle and his vocal performance carries the song, rather than the sample carrying it. Most probably wouldn't even know "Coldest winter" features a sample, where-as on some of his previous songs it was obvious, even if you didn't know what song was actually being sampled.

I truly am in complete love with this song. Kanye switched his shit up differently in a way I never foresaw. I think this would make a great single. Perhaps not a third single, but definitely for a final single to bookend the album.

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  2. It's a really nice song, and I love the drums that come in later. The static in the HQ isn't nearly as loud as it was when I first heard it, so that's a plus.

    Have you heard "Robocop"? The beat is SICK!

  3. cool song :-) Darckchild wants Brandy’s album to be pushed back because he feels she needs more singles out also talks of the state of the industry and the ‘auto-tune’ market. Very intresting.

  4. Just watched that Aretha Franklin video of her singing "Touch My Body".

    Aint nobody gonna be touching ALL that!


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