New music: Kanye West - Heartless

New music: Kanye West - HeartlessThe snippet did the rounds, now we get the full length song. Kanye's posted this song himself on his official blog, so links shouldn't be getting remove dleft, right and centre as they were before.

Listen: Kanye West - Heartless
808's & heartbreak
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N***a was not joking when he named his album 808's and heartbreak. "Love lockdown" and "Heartless" definitely convey that album name down to the wire. I like "Heartless", but I just don't love it like I do "Love lockdown". But it will knock in the clubs. It won't get me going crazy like I did the first time I heard "Love lockdown" on a night out, but I know dudes will be leaning like crazy to this when it drops. Despite the song sounding pretty tight and complete as it is and Kanye's singing voice sounding a heck of a lot stronger and more polished than it did on "Love lockdown", this version of "Heartless" is un-mastered. It'll be interesting to hear which changes get made to the final version as he could go anywhere with it. I hope he doesn't change it a great deal though. As with "Love lockdown", the simplicity of the beat is what makes it work.

I look forward to hearing Kanye's new album. I didn't cop Graduation (I didn't think it was all that good), but I'll buy this based on these songs alone. It sounds Kanye will be moving in a new direction musically, even if that direction features shit loads of auto tuning.

Another song of Kanye's has also leaked called "Cold winter" which I'm already in utter love with. But I won't bother posting it, as only the radio rip is floating around and the quality is ragged. Be sure to check it out though, because it sounds amazing.

Hear more of Yeezy: Love lockdown (versions 1 & 2)
See him in action: Kanye locks love down at the 2008 VMA's


  1. I really love this song, especially the last verse. It's so cool! Also I love the beat once it fully kicks in.

    Here's the last song on the album, "The Coldest Winter", which is a dedication to his mom.

    Overall the song is really nice, but the random loud static noise thrown in is so obnoxious!


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