New music: Se7en - Your number

New music: Se7en - Your numberKorean pop star Se7en keeps it moving with his second Darkchild produced track in a bid to break into the U.S. At this rate the only place he'll be moving is back over to Korea...

Listen: Se7en - Your number
Se7en's fothcoming debut english language album
© 2008 YG entertainment

Whack. What the hell is Darkchild doing to this guy!? You'd never guess this song was produced the same guy who laced Destiny's child with "Say my name", "Cater 2 u" and Brandy's more recent tracks "Right here (Departed)" and "Long distance". Se7en's english voice is decent and he sounds good, I'll give him that. But the song as a whole is just dusty. The verses are decent, but the chorus is far too weak and causes the song to feel lacking. This shit should not have left the studio until it had a tighter chorus. This song as it is should've gone straight to the recycle bin, which is where I sent it not long after downloading. It sounds like a really bad knock off of Justin Timberlake's "Cry me a river".

Se7en has no chance of blowing up with dry songs like this and "Them girls". The songs aren't memorable, they're throwaway and they don't set Se7en apart from any other dude in the game right now. He needs to stay hustling his shit in Korea, because unless he manages to deliver that big catchy song that can cross over, his North American debut won't ever happen.

Hear more of Se7en: Them girls


  1. I think there is a pattern that American producers create half assed songs for Asians :|

  2. When it comes to BoA, and Se7en: most definitely. But it's not always the case for Asian artists.

    Rodney Jerkins produced a song for Hikaru Utada's second album which was fire. Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis also did a couple of songs with her and Crystal Kay which were also hot songs. Bloodshy & Avant also laced Crystal Kay CORRECTLY for "It's a crime". That song shits over some of the gems they've given Britney! AND...Timbaland also gave Hikaru Utada that crack for Exodus.

    So maybe we should change it to "American producers create half assed songs for Koreans". *lol* It's a shame, because Se7en and BoA could handle much better songs than what they've been given for the US debuts so far. I'm not a huge fan of BoA, but she's capable and worthy of better songs than "Eat you up".

  3. Shit, don't forget what Tim did for Hikki. I still long for another English album from her.

  4. I didn't. I mentioned the Timbaland and Hikaru collabo.

  5. Oh sorry,bad eyes. Or just slow!


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