Bonus material: Brandy - Drum life

Bonus material: Brandy - Drum life & 2nd thoughtThis song leaked a good while back, but I was away on holiday and also didn't think much of it. But now a mastered version has touched down and it sounds much better. Now is a good time for Brandy fans: a new album and an unreleased, but new song!

Check it out: Drum life
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The re-arrangement of Brandy's vocals take this song to another level. As soon as I heard the intro I was sold. But then I heard the bridge and Brandy's additional vocals and the song went straight onto the iPod with the quickness. The beat being tightened up is a bonus! As good as this song is, it's understandable why it didn't make Human. The lyrics are a bit silly and it would've thrown-off the theme of the album, given how the other songs deal with love, life and over coming adversity. A song about living inside of a drum would've sounded a bit out of place.

A little info for ya on the song writer of this song. His name is James Fauntleroy (he is the male vocalist on the first version of "Drum life".) He also wrote the song "Torn down" and co-produced the vocals on "Long distance" for Brandy's album Human, as well as penning a song for Beyoncé's I am... Sasha Fierce album and also Britney's Circus. Needless to say, the dude is hot in demand right now.

As for the other man behind this song: Timbaland, he's has been falling off lately, but he brought it back a bit with this song. I'm not mad that he didn't contribute to Human, because his sound has been off over the past year to say the least. But Brandy recently stated she's still got love for Tim and would love to work with both him and Rodney Jerkins for her next album. That'd be amazing. It gives Tim some time to get his old groove back. It's a shame we won't hear the album for another 5 years though.

A couple of my friends who aren't even Brandy fans have caught wind of "Drum life" and a couple of radio stations here in the UK have been spinning it for some time. This is a good look for a somewhat obscure song that isn't even a single or features on an album.

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  1. I like this song, and it's a lot better and tighter than the leaked version. I was kind of puzzled as to why this didn't make the album, but it would be so out of place. She's singing about real life experiences and pains, and this would just be like silly fluff compared to everything else.


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