Bonus material: Brandy - Gonna find my love, Surprise ending & Locked in love

Bonus material: Brandy - Gonna find my love, Surprise ending & Locked in loveOkay Brandy fans, it's that time again. Some extra Brandy for you to digest! The songs "Gonna find my love" and "Surprise ending" have been floating around on the Internet for a while now. But I decided to wait until I had all of Human's new bonus tracks before posting. So here you go. All three ready for the taking!

Check 'em out: Gonna find my love | Surprise ending | Locked in love
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All nice songs. Neither "Surprise ending" or "Locked in love" would've made Human any better of an album had they been part of the final tracklisting, but are nice all the same. I think the dude was uncecessary on "Surprise ending" though. I much would've preferred to have had Brandy sing the chorus herself. Or to have had Usher do it. I think Brandy and Usher's voices would go so well together. I've been hoping they'd hit the studio and actually do a song together ever since he featured on a badly cut together remix of "Who is she 2 U".

"Gonna find my love" on the other hand is bangin'. It's way too good to have been relegated to a bonus track and definitely should've made the final trakclisting. There are a couple of songs on Human I feel should've been deleted in the place of this track.


  1. "Gonna find my love" is HOT HOT HOT!!! How the hell is this just a bonus track? I needs ta find the version of the album with this song on it.

    And is that Brandy rapping?!??! Girl can flow too?!?

  2. "Gonna find my love" is single material. It should've been stuck bang in the middle of the album or been the final track.

    Though, I'm not all that surprised it got left off of the core tracklisting for Human. Not after "Sirens" and "Noddin' off" getting left off of Afrodisiac like they were throwaway songs.

    I think "Gonna find my love" is an iTunes exclusive bonus track, but see what happens when the album hits retail. It could well end up being a worldwide bonus track. It's more than likely the UK version of Human will have it on there. At least I hope so.


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