Bonus material: Brandy - One thing

Bonus material: Brandy - One thingI have this feeling that there's is a laptop out there somewhere which has a big old folder full of a bunch of hot songs Brandy recorded for Human, but got left off of the album. Hopefully we'll get to hear more of them. Until then, here's "One thing".

Check it out: One thing
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The song is another stunner from Brandy and her sessions with Brian Kennedy. Loving this song. The chorus is just crack; as was the case with "Fall" and also "Freedom". The only thing I don't like about the song is the switch at the 3:10 mark. It wasn't necessary and doesn't sound right. But still, it's nothing a little editing in some music software can't get rid of and the song is still a good 'un.

I shouldn't be shocked songs as hot as this got left off of Human. Brandy seems to make a habit of not including hot songs as part of her albums' final tracklist.

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  1. The second the chorus came in I was sold. She definitely needs to be dropping more songs with this dude! I could go on and on about which song this should have replaced, but I won't bother. I'll just do like I did with "Freedom" and download it and pretend it's on the album.

    I have to agree that the beat switch at 3:11 was really weird. It caught me off guard like crazy!

    In a few weeks, you might have enough material to make a B-Rocka part II! :P


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