Bonus material: Ciara - I'm a Diva

Bonus material: Ciara - I'm a divaI'd always thought that Ciara would sound good on a song like "Diva" and lo and behold, her own version of it drops!!

Check it out: I'm a diva
Fantasy ride mixtape / Original version featured on I am... Sasha Fierce
© 2008 LaFace records, Zomba music group, Sony BMG music entertainment Inc.
© 2008 Columbia records, Sony BMG music entertainment / Music World entertainment Inc.'s aight...I guess. Nothing amazing. I mean, the original wasn't much to work with in the first place. But this is a cool extra for CiCi fans. Beyoncé pulls it off better given her status in the game though. But I like how Ciara put it down. The whole feel of the song seems to suit Ciara better than Beyoncé, but I do prefer Beyoncé's version overall. I feel sick to my stomach that "Diva" is growing on me now and that I voluntarily play the song from time to time. The song is garbage, yet still I bump it and swag to it when I'm sat at my computer!

Ciara will be releasing a mix tape entitled Fantasy ride real soon. It'll probably feature all the songs that have been leaking over the past year, along with her guest featured version of Janet Jackson's "Feedback".


  1. I like this version better. Well, I use the word like very loosely because the song is still crap.

    But this just sounds like a Ciara song. I actually forgot this was Beyonce's song when I first heard this. That second verse is better than anything Beyonce did with the song, but that's just me.

    I would still LOVE to see her break it down to this.

  2. Ok. lol I liked Beyonce's "Diva" from first listen. I take the song for what it's worth truly, and that is hot swagger. The beat will get your body moving in one way or another, and Beyonce's swag, vocally, is just out of this world on it.

    I was excited when I was going through the blog and seen this post about Ciara's version of the song. Then when I finished listening to it, I was disappointed. Guess I expected it to be just as hot or hotter than the original. I like Ciara's lyrical spin on it, but truth be told, it just can't match the swag that Beyonce put down on the original version.

  3. I think "Diva" is garbage, but for the love of me I cannot stop playing it! I even turn the lights off and do that little step she does in the video when I'm playing the song at home. I went out last night and was HOPING they'd play it. (They didn't).

    I played the song to a guy at work. He laughed and said it was rubbish 20 seconds into the song. But he kept singing "I'm a-a diva! I'm a, I'm a-a diva!" all day. He then asked me to e-mail him the song when I got home. Now he's sprung on the song.

    "Diva" is like a damn virus. You don't want it, but you end up stuck with it. I hate that I like the song so much right now. The same goes for "Video phone".


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