Bonus material: Lily Allen - Womanizer

Bonus material: Lily Allen - WomanizerFeisty UK artist Lily Allen recorded a rendition of Britney's "Womanizer". You'd think somebody like Lily Allen would hate the hell out of Britney, but it turns out she's a huge fan of hers, loves her new album and decided to do a cover of Britney's single for a bit of fun!

Check it out: Womanizer
Originally featured on Britney's 6th studio album 'Circus'
© 2008 Jive records, Zomba music group, Sony BMG music entertainment

The instrumentations sound great. It really shows off how distinctive "Womanizer"'s melody is, without having it jar and annoy as the original version can do at times. This is a great rendition. I haven't really been wowed by anything Lily's done before, but I am loving what she did here. The lyrics actually suit her style, given how her debut single "Smile" was a kiss off song to a guy who was running around with other women. No doubt Lily will perform this live once she begins to tour and do gigs. This cover is already receiving a lot of attention, more so than her own new single!


  1. I'm no fan of Lily Allen either but her covers do grab me somehow.

    I like "Oh My God" (cover of Kaiser Cheif's hit) and this is great too. I persoanlly think the original song is far to repeativite for my liking but I like Lily's rendition of it. It's different and not as jarring as Britney's version.

    Want to download it and add to my ipod now!


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