New music: Ciara - I'm on, Rattla & Keep dancing

New music: Ciara - I'm on, Rattla & Keep dancin'Another couple of Ciara song have leaked. Not a good look at all. Ciara and her people need to keep tabs on their shit, because this could be the Keri Hilson situation all over again with an albums worth of material leaking before the album even drops. here we have "Keep on dancin'", "Rattla" and a song which leaked some time ago "I'm on".

Listen: I'm on

Listen: Rattla

Listen: Keep dancing

Fantasy ride
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"I'm on" is a hot club record, but I much prefer "Work" and "Echo"; both of which I stay playing to death since they leaked months ago. Some are reporting the song is produced by Danja, but I'm getting Rodney Jerkins & D'Mile vibes from the song. The bounce and the synth work doesn't sound like Danja's to me, but I could be wrong. "Echo" certainly didn't sound like what you'd expect from Danja.

"Rattla" is throwaway. It sounds way too much like "Oh". "Oh" was and still is my jam, but I'm not trying to hear it be recycled by the same artist and the same producers 4 years later.

"Keep dancing" sounds like a left over track from the Flashdance movie. I can't stand it. It's just slow and boring. Ciara's voice sounds nice on it, but the song itself is too monotonous and The Dream's voice grates like nails on a chalkboard.

In Ciara album news (as if many of you couldn't guess) Fantasy ride has been pushed back. Ciara is signed to Jive and Zomba music group, the same label as Britney Spears. So needless to say Ciara is not a priority right now and all focus and efforts are on Britney. It's hardly a surprise. Ciara can push units, but even she would struggle against Britney and then you also have Beyoncé hustling her new album too. This may be a blessing in digsuise, as it gives Ciara more time to fine tune her album and record new material. I only like 3 out of the many songs that have leaked so far.

Fantasy ride was orignally due to be 3 discs, but I can see that idea getting shot to hell now. I couldn't see the point of it in the first place. Artists need to stop making multi disc albums like they're necessary. The only 2 disc album I felt was justified was OutKast's Speakerboxxx / The love below. Both those discs were musical gold. Jay-Z, Nelly, Aguilera and Beyonce got above their stations with their 2 disc albums. None of their 2 disc offerrings needed to be.


  1. Hey J, I'm on is produced by some new guys, I can't remember their name but they have a youtube video with the song playing in the background. As for Rattla, I like the song okay but I seriously thought it was something left over from "Goodies", that's not a good look! The only reason I knew it wasn't from a Goodies session was because she doesn't say "Sho Nuff" after the says Dre and Vidal, and that's really sad. And I actually like keep dancing a lot, it's just really cool and smooth. But that's just me!


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