New music: Toni Braxton - Get loose

New music: Toni Braxton - Get looseAfter some record label trouble and some personal setbacks, Toni's back with a brand new single produced by Rodney 'Darkchild' Jerkins. Rodney Jerkins always delivers whenever he works with Toni and it's business usual.

Listen: Get loose

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I am loving the hell out of this song. The vibe of the song is infectious and as always Toni's vocals are as husky and as sexy as ever. My only criticism towards the song is that I wish the auto tuned backing vocals didn't dominate so much. Toni is a more than capable singer and can layer her shit herself. It's not like she's Britney. So I'm not sure why some misceleanous chick is having her vocals dominate the chorus.

The song is hot, but I don't feel Toni comes through on it enough. I think a chick like Beyonce or (dare I say it...) The Forehead would've suited the song better and owned it more. But the beat is so hot it doesn't matter either way.

This song just what we need at this time of year. Something fun, uplifting, uptempo and a bit festive. I'm not sure why, but "Get loose" just has this festive air about it. The video to this song will probably be highly influenced by Toni Braxton's strings of shows in Las Vegas and her stint on Dancing with the stars. It'd certainly be fitting given the song.

Toni Braxton's sixth studio album Pulse is due for release sometime in 2009.


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