Bonus material: Brandy - Freedom

Bonus material: Brandy - FreedomYet another unreleased Brandy song. Unlike "Drum life", this song was recorded with the intention of being included on her fifth studio album Human. Brandy fans stand by: you will be pissed when you hear this song, because you'll think exactly what I thought when I first heard the song...

Listen: Freedom
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What the f**k was this bitch thinking leaving this song off of the album!? The song is stunning. I love the heavy knocking drums against the etheral back drop. And Brandy sounds so rich. She kills is on the first verse and the ad-libs she drops towards the end just seal the deal. "Freedom" reminds me a little of "Fall", which no doubt down to both songs being produced by Brian Kennedy. The dude has me sprung on his productions right now. I'm beginning to think he should've contributed more tracks to Human.

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  1. I wonder if it was between this song or "Fall"? Because this could have been a great way to close the album as well.

    Hot song though! I'm gonna put it on the iPod and just pretend it was on "Human".


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