Bonus material: Ne-Yo - Work in progress, This can't be good & Can't stop the rain

Bonus material: Ne-Yo: Work in progress, This can't be good & Can't stop the rainAs we all know Ne-Yo has been writing for some high profile ladies. Sometimes Ne-Yo will often record songs he's written for other artists. Some times before the artist records them, some times after. Several demo's of his have come to light. These demo's being Janet Jackson's "Can't b good"", Mary J. Blige's "Work in progress (Growing pains)" and Jennifer Hudson's "Can't stop the rain". All 3 of his versions sound great. Especially "Can't b good". I actually prefer Ne-Yo's version to Janet's. It's always interesting to hear Ne-Yo's versions of songs he's written for other ladies. Despite these songs all being for females, his vocals suit really well on all 3 songs.

Check 'em out: Work in progress | This can't be good | Can't stop the rain
Growing pains, Discipline & Jennifer Hudson
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The dude is mad talented. I went through a period where I was getting sick of the guy. But am back to thinking he's the shit again. His version of "Can't stop the rain" was nice, but I'm glad he gave it to Jennifer Hudson, because in his hands it sounds like the same ol', same ol'. But in Jennifer's hands it feels more fresh. Plus, the song carries more weight for her now given her recent life tragedies regarding the death of her family members.


  1. Each song is a link to Ciara's version of "Diva". :(

  2. Oh crap! My bad. It's fixed now.

  3. "This Can't Be Good" is one of my favorites right now. I've never heard the Janet version, so I thought the Ne-Yo version was excellent. The other two, I haven't gotten into yet. Vive le Ne-Yo!

  4. Ehh I'm not too sure about Ne-Yo's version of "This Can't Be Good". His voice sounds spotty in parts, especially on them high notes. It just doesn't sound very good to me. It could be just me though. *shrugs*

    As for "Can't stop the rain", I think that actually sounds pretty good, but it just doesn't compare to Jennifer's version. Her heavy voice fits the song PERFECTLY! And as you said, with her recent tragedy, it's more fitting. :(

  5. Completely unrelated - but here's a full preview of Utada's new song!!!

    (Thought you'd might want to know)


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