New music: BoA - Eien

New music: BoA - EienIn the midst of trying to make it big in the America, BoA has a new Japanese single on the way! Me-thinks she's spreading herself a little thinly, but whatever.

Listen: Eien

BoA's 7th Japanese studio album
© 2009 Avex Trax

I really like this song. But BoA's voice is too dead pan and lifeless for a beat so nice and upbeat. She rides the beat well, but her voice is so dusty that she just causes the whole thing to flatline for 4 and a half minutes. Crystal Kay or Hikaru Utada would've owned a song like this. Even Kumi Koda would've done wonders with this song. It's a real shame, because the beat is hot, even if it's nothing new.

I'm baffled as to how BoA's people think it's possible to have a successful US debut when she's going to have to hustle to promote and release material in Japan at the same time. It's not a good move. BoA will bomb hard(er) in the West if she doesn't focus on it 100% and put her Japanese releases on hold. It's not like she's so popular in the West that she can dip in and out of the market as she pleases.

We'll probably get a new Japanese album from BoA by the middle of the year. BoA's dropped a Japanese album pretty much every year since 2002, so we're due another in about 6 months.

Hear BoA's debut English language single: Original version | Remix
See BoA do her thing: "Eat you up" music video A | "Eat you up" music video B
See BoA handle her business live @ YouTube L!VE Tokyo | KIIS FM Jingle ball


  1. I agree. She does sound dead. Her Japanese sounds off too, but it's still a nice song either way. I think Crystal Kay would have rocked this though.

    She's supposed to be releasing a Japanese best album in March. A little too soon considering her U.S. debut imho.

  2. I definitely like the production on this. She sounds ok to me but I agree that somebody else probably would've brought more to this track (though I'm not too familiar with Japanese pop artists)

    The beat, as you said, was "hot, even if it's nothing new." I was waiting for "Radio Killa (Killa... Killa..)" to pop up at some point.

    btw where/how do you discover new music? Are there any specific sites you visit regularly?

  3. @ Anonymous 1:
    I agree. BoA's people should either have her focus on Japan, or focus on the US. She can't do both. Even Hikaru Utada who has a strong foothold in Japan and is established on a small scale in the US knows you can't possibly do both. The US is a demanding market and you have to dedicate yourself to it 100% to make it there.

    I wonder if BoA's US debut album will even get a release. I can see it getting scrapped / shelved.

    @ Anonymous 2:
    Another artist who came to mind that I think would've done wonders with this beat is Mariah Carey. She can't sing live for shit these days, but she manages to stay on her A-game in the studio, and I know she would've laced this right.

    There are a couple of sites I visit regularly. My musical tastes are all over the place, so no one place caters to them all. *lol* I'll have to do a 'Blog roll' section with a list of my faves.


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