New music: Dawn Richard - Falls away

New music: Dawn Richard - Falls awayThat chick from Danity Kane who looks like somebodies Nigerian uncle has gone and recorded a solo song. No word on whether it's for a future solo project, a P. Diddy album or if it's Dawn just testing waters.

Listen: Falls away

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"Falls away" is a really nice song. But from the very start I was thinking "This should've been Brandy's". The song sounds straight up like a Brandy record and you know she would've laced this overly correctly and shut it down.

I wonder if Dawn could make it as a solo artist. She has a nice enough voice, but nothing about her seems to draw me in. Plus, her voice doesn't stand out so much without the vocals of the 4 other girls around her. She actually sounds quite forgettable.


  1. Oh lord, Brandy would have SHUT this shit DOWN! This song just screams Brandy. I'm kind of upset now. lol

    Dawn sounds nice though, but that's about it. I'll probably never listen to this song again, lol.


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