New music: The Dream featuring Mariah Carey - My love

New music: The Dream featuring Mariah Carey - My loveYou may have heard of The Dream. If not, then I'm sure you've heard at least one song he's written. "Umbrella", "Touch my body", "Moving mountains", "Cookie jar" and "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)" are just to name a few of the songs he's written. Well he's recorded a song with Miming Mimi...

Listen: My love

Love vs. Money
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The song was whack to me until Mariah came in. Her verse is hot! This shit should've been on E=MC². It could've flown as a lead single. Mariah's vocals are on point and even though the beat is played out with it's twinkly piano and finger snaps, there's no denying how hot it is. It sounds like a Los Da Maestro production: a dude who I wished had done songs for Mariah's album, but that ship done sailed and sank.

"My love" will be the lead single from The Dream's second studio album Love vs. Money. His first album Love Hate was some bullshit and I'm expecting his follow up to be more of the same. All his solo songs have potential, but are ruined by the fact that he sings / features on the songs instead of somebody else. "My love" for example should've been straight Mariah or featured a decent male vocalist. But The Dream had to hop on it.

Love vs. Money will release in February. I expect a video of "My love" to drop soon which features Mariah with a wind machine, some heels and a miniscule outfit which has the water balloon titties on show.


  1. She sounded hot. Too bad she'll never sound that good live, which is why she won't be singing it live whenever they perform it.

  2. She will sing the song live. But she'll sound like she's got Nick Cannon's piece in the back of her neck.

  3. lol, so you think that's why she's been sounding so bad lately?

    You would think she wouldn't have trouble with this kind of song, but you already know she's gonna be struggling. I think the last time I heard her sound good live was when she sang "I'll be lovin' you long time" at those Japan VMAs.

  4. I didn't know he did "Moving Mountains".
    Anyway I'm not sold on this song. Maybe it's a grower, but his voice irk me on his own songs lately.


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