New music: Utada - Come back to me

New music: Utada - Come back to meUtada's brand new single from her second English language studio album is finally here!!

Listen: Come back to me

Utada's second studio album
© 2009 The Island Def Jam music group, a Universal music group

The song is nothing amazing, but it is nice and a grower. With it being a song from my future wife, I'm willing to give the song more chances than I would had it had been anybody else's.

Hikaru's english voice still grates on me, but she's sounded worse. The harmonies and vocal arrangements sound great though, especially towards the end. Her vocal arrangement game on her first English language album Exodus was lacking and had nothing on how she put it down on her Japanese releases. So I'm glad she's stepped up her game in that regard. The lyrics are also really cool. No confirmation on who produced the song or wrote it, but I'm getting Stargate vibes from the sound.

"Come back to me" definitely has a better chance on the charts than "Easy breezy" - due to it having that radio friendly sound that both R&B and Pop radio will hopefully latch onto. Still no release date for the album or who Hikaru has been holed up in the studio with, but I have my fingers crossed for Danja; who I feel was probably the driving force behind her Exodus song "Let me give you my love".

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  1. GIMME!

    *takes a listen*

    I know what you mean with the grating, but I didn't really get that with this song, although her voice was shaky at times.

    I love how it started, and the beat is simple, but it works. I think her voice has definitely improved though since Exodus. And she sounded so hot when she said "Baby, take it easy on me." Her voice is so husky and sexay!

  2. Do you really think Danja did LMGYML? I really liked Exodus 04, Tim took his A game to that track.

  3. I like the lyrics too, especially during the versus. As well as the intriguing piano bit at the beginning and the hint of electric guitar towards the end. Not fond of the RnB beat, sounds too generic to me (says the girl whose already listen to it 50 times this today! XD)

    Yes, she's done better, but it's a nice song. If I'm driving and she comes on the radio, I wouldn't turn over!

  4. I need to listen to "Let Me Give You My Love" again... and do some Danjology. Utada's gonna dominate my top 30 songs list this month, I have a feeling. This song will take some getting used to, but that's the case with most songs.


  5. @ 'Anonymous':
    I agree. "Exodus '04" was an amazing song, Tim did not mess around with that beat. It was easily an album highlight. I think it was ridiculous that it was released as a single, yet the physical single release was full of remixes and didn't include the album version.

    @ Anonymous & Frederick:
    "Let me give you my love" has that whole synth pop vibe that just wreaks of Danja. At ASCAP he's listed as a contributing songwriter, but he's not listed as a producer or co-producer. It wouldn't surprise me if he had a major hand in that song and went un-credited as a producer.

    @ lilithdarkstorm:
    The song grows on me more with each listen. It's certainly a better single choice than "Devil inside" and "Easy breezy" were. It has a very current sound that radio would actually play. And it's also well produced. My gripe with many of the songs on Exodus was that the production felt to ragged and unpolished.

    I can't wait to hear her album!! :)

  6. I'm not overly impressed by this single. I find it to be too "radio friendly." She's not taking any chances musically or lyrically. Sounds like 90% of what's already out there. I found Exodus to have more experimentation. I hope that the whole album doesn't sound like that... BTW, I am a fan and have all her albums so I'm familiar with both her Japanese and American releases. I love her voice in English and Japanese!

  7. I can understand why Hikaru or Def Jam would pick this as a lead single though. People who have no idea who she is would hear it and just think it's a nice song and would possibly like it enough to find out who she is and then hopefully check her album out. "Easy breezy" had Hikaru releasing an experimental song and look where that got her! It did her arse no favours as a single because most thought it was just a stupid song from a girl who could barely sing - despite it being funky, quirky and having a pretty cool music video. I would've preferred a single with more impact myself, but "Come back to me" is a nice song and it's enough for me to get excited about her album.

    I prefer Hikaru's Japanese singing voice to her English one. Her English voice is very hit and miss, because it depends completely on the kind of song she's singing and also the key. I find she has more control over her vocals when she sings in the higher registers in English. When she works the low and middle range, she sounds iffy. Although in "Come back to me" she doesn't sound that bad.

  8. I never understood why didn't arrange her english songs like she did her Japanese ones. Like in "Passion", there were background vocals and everything, and it made "Sanctuary" sound bare.

  9. I wasn't really impressed with this song at first but youre right, it is a grower. I do wish she'd inject some of her japanese style into her english work, but i do like that it' kind of kept separate.

    I don't know...i will be buying her album regardless because I love her to death. I may have to fight you over her being your future wife though...I've been planning the wedding for ages lol


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