New music: Se7en - No taking back

New music: Se7en - No taking backAnother song from one of Korea's many answers to Usher. No Darkchild on production duties as with "Girls" and "Your number" this time, but still whackness in spades.

Listen: No taking back

Se7en's debut english language album
© 2009 The Island Def Jam music group, a Universal music group

Se7en needs to just focus his shit in Korea. Every song he's done as an emissary for his Western release has sounded like crap. His english singing voice is good, he's a handsome guy with a cool image and he can dance. But none of this will mean shit if his material is sounding like some fourth rate garbage. Se7en is better than this. Things are not going well for Se7en at all. There's still no video for "Girls" even though it was shot quite some time ago and the song is already mad old.

Him and BoA can both make themselves comfortable in the 'We tried to take on America and failed' camp at the rates they're going.

Hear more of Se7en's musical efforts: Girls | Your number


  1. It sounds like something Timbaland would produce. I don't think it's that bad, but maybe I'm being biased because I want his album to be good so bad!


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