New music: Asia Cruise featuring Colby 'O Donis - Run away

New music: Asia Cruise featuring Colby O'Donis - Run awayAsia Cruise keeps her cinder block jaw on the grind in a bid to get her oft pushed back album a release. So many songs have leaked from her it's a joke. But I won't complain. Especially when her latest is a Danja production, and a decent one at that.

Listen: Run away
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The beat reminds me a lot of how Danja put it down on Nikki Flores' "Beautiful boy". Colby O'Donis (aka Mr. Colon) makes an unecessary appearance on the song, just as he did on Lady Gaga's "Just dance". He wasn't needed at all. The lyrics sentiment what I'm sure many are feeling right now. Given the recession I bet some folk wish they could run away and not worry about bills. Even though it wouldn't be the best thing to do, unless you plan on turning tricks on the street or you hit the road with a winning lottery ticket.

Asia Cruise's album will never see the light of day unless by some miracle she puts out a song which blows up out of nowhere and takes the US by storm. I think it's a shame, because the majority of songs she's done have all been hot. I still spin "Selfish" from time to time and used to play "Walk me out" to death when that first dropped.


  1. I like the song too and I agree. She had some nice songs out, but they just stayed on the net.Walk Ne Out, Boyfriend, or Worry Bout Me could of been big.


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