New music: Ayumi Hamasaki - Rule

New music: Ayumi Hamasaki - RuleJapan's go-to girl for a money making product 'n music tie-in Ayumi Hamasaki, was drafted in to do the theme song for the already written off and ill-fated live action Dragon ball movie.

Listen: Rule

Dragon ball evolution OST
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If this song could give head, it'd be the best head ever, because it sucks real hard and all the way down to the balls. I can't stand Ayumi 'robot face' Hamasaki. But even for her this is some bullshit. No doubt her stans are going to say it's the best song ever. But I think it's whack. She isn't the right kind of artist for this kind of song. Kumi Koda would've done this much better, and guaranteed we would've got a hot music video showing just what she can do in a skimpy outfit, some thigh length boots and a couple of Dragon balls.

"Rule" will be the international theme song for the live action Dragon ball movie Dragon ball evolution. I doubt anybody outside of Japan will give the song much air time, but this will sweep right into the #1 spot on the Oricon charts in Japan.

Mega popular manga artist and creator of Dragon ball Akira Toriyama will also be illustrating an image of Ayumi Hamasaki in his distinctive style for the "Rule" single cover. He may as well just scribble 'Ayumi Hamasaki' over a picture of Android #18. Because Ayumi looks just like her anyway: an expressionless android with big eyes.


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