New music: BoA featuring Sean Garrett - I did it for love

New music: BoA featuring Sean Garrett - I did it for loveBoA's next single to be released off of her English debut is "I did it for love" and it's now available in full.

Listen: I did it for love

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When I heard the preview, I really liked this song. But having heard it in full, the song is crap. The song just doesn't go anywhere. There are no major beat switches, no melody changes, no nothing. The song just flatlines from start to finish. It's boring. Based on the preview I preferred it to "Eat you up", now I'm not so sure. I'm on stand by for an album version to surface, which is longer and has more to it. Because if this is all BoA has to offer, then it's pretty pathetic. A real shame, because the song had potential. I don't know why I had high hopes for the song given Sean Garrett was behind it. His songs are always one dimensional, generic and boring, unless the likes of Beyoncé is singing them and punctuating the song with screams and wails which jump about the octave scale to keep things interesting.

The video to "I did it for love" has already been shot and should debut soon. It was directed by Joseph Khan whose most recent videos include Britney's "Womanizer" and Lady GaGa's "LoveGame". So things are in good hands. Joseph himself being Korean means there's probably a chance he's heard of BoA. So the two of them working together is a good match. I'm sure the video will feature lots of dancing, a couple of costume changes and some special effects - in true Joseph Khan style. With any luck the music video edit of the song will feature some form of breakdown to break up the monotony of the song. The video will also feature Sean Garrett. The dude looks like a Mr. Potato head with a triple Burger King whopper for lips. So I'm hoping we get long shots of him, and the close-ups are reserved for BoA. She needs to go all out with the budget. It's not like she doesn't have mad money.


  1. 51 seconds in and I'm thinking, is this some Brittany Spears reject? Mind you I think Brittany is crap and BoA is imitating crap, go figure. That song sounds like it was made ten years ago.


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