New music: Ciara featuring Chris Brown - Turntables

New music: Ciara featuring Chris Brown - TurntablesI only caught wind of this track a few days ago. I can't believe it slipped under my radar! So many Ciara tracks (weak Ciara tracks might I add) have been leaking that I turned a blind eye to this one. My mistake. BIG mistake. Because this right here is fire!

Listen: Turntables

Fantasy ride
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Given Chris Brown's current status as a woman beater, Ciara may want to re-think having him appear on the finalized album version of this song. I say she cuts him out like she cut Missy out of "Work". Ciara could carry this song on her own anyway, it's not like Chris add's a great deal to it. The song is so hot that Ciara could fart over the beat and it'd still be hotness. Although the prospect of Ciara and Chris Brown going hard with the dancing in a music video was cool. Could you imagine what the two of them would pull to a song like this!?

It's a shame this wasn't made a single, as clubs would be all over this. Everytime I play this song I start pulling shapes. The beat is crack. Danja is a damn beast! Tim wishes he could make beats like this now. I am loving everything about the music. The synths, the bassline, the chant samples, the way the beat constantly switches up - fire! It's hard to catch the rhythm and melody at first, but once you do, it just takes you. I cannot believe this wasn't a single. Clubs would go ballistic over this song. Just when I think Danja's done it all, he goes and pulls shit like this. The dude is mad talented.

I'm pissed all these Danja cuts are leaking though. It's like Blackout all over again. Hopefully his joints will make the cut and there'll be some surprises in store when Fantasy ride drops in April. In true Danja fashion, he'll probably tighten the final mix of "Turntables" and add extra bits here and there.


  1. The chorus is hypnotic, and bitches would be dropping it without shame to this in the club.

    No doubt Brown will be dropped in the final version. Ciara shuts it down all by herself anyway. I need to see a video for this!

  2. YOU GOT THE BLACKOUT LEAKS? E-mail a ni88a! My iPod crashed a month ago =/

    but this song took a while to grow on me. the chorus got me, and then I got used to the sample, since Danja and samples and me are estranged.

  3. *lol* I got'cha on the whole Danja and samples dealio. It threw me off too. I was so focused on the sample I couldn't even catch the rhythm of the song at first. The beginning just sounded so odd to me. It'll be interesting to hear which changes Danja makes to the final version, if he makes any at all.

    E-mail me your e-mail address and I'll send you the Blackout leaks. Just to be sure: you are referring to the original mixes of the songs right? Like "Got me high" and "Cold as fire" before they got finalized, went through changes and ended up as "Perfect lover" and "Hot as ice", right?


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