New music: Ciara featuring Justin Timberlake - Love Sex Magic

New music: Ciara featuring Justin Timberlake - Love and sex and magicThe song is shit. It sounds like that "Sexy ladies" bullshit from FutureSex/LoveSounds , with a bit of that Bee Gee's knock off track "Dance 2nite" on Madonna's Hard candy, along with that "If I" bullshit that dropped featuring T.I. This song has been quickly rushed out as the next single from Fantasy ride and a video has already been shot, because "Never ever" did SO amazingly well.

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Fantasy ride
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Ciara's situation is a mess right now. Her people keep putting out singles which feature 'man of the moment' guest artists like it'll guarantee success, when a bunch of the leaked songs which just feature Ciara would've made better singles. "Work", "Echo" and "I'm on" - all shit over "Go girl", "Never ever" and this "Love and sex and magic" crap. Then you have "Turntables", which has 'single' written all over it. Delete The wifebeater and you got a club hit right there.

This "Love Sex Magic" track is whack, but I can see it growing on me. And I know if it dropped in a club and I had enough vodka in my system that I'd 2 step and shuffle to it like it was the hottest jam on the planet.

I know it's probably just me, but I just don't think Ciara was the best choice to go alongside Justin on this song. I think the problem is that it doesn't sound like something Ciara would do for her own album. It sounds like a Justin track which features Ciara. As much as some of us may have not liked "Go girl" and "Never ever", they were at least in the vein of what you'd expect from Ciara. "Love Sex Magic" isn't.

Right now I'm not 100% sold on the song, but I look forward to seeing the music video. Ciara and Justin can both move, both of them seem to be able to turn on chemistry with their co-stars on-screen, and Diane Martel: the lady behind two of Ciara's best and most striking videos "Promise" and "Like a boy" is rumoured to have directed it.

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  1. It sounds like a Justin track which features Ciara.

    Agreed. The beat just doesn't seem to fit with what Ciara usually does. It sounds like something off of JT's previous albums. I think Ciara sounds good though. The song is aight. I hope the video is hot. It should be at least.

  2. Like i said on another blog, Justin sang Ciara's parts better in the demo version. And, I still don't understand why they would make this a single, let alone include it on the album, when Justin's version leaked MONTHS ago.

    Basically, I feel that this is a bullshit song for Ciara, who has no charisma on any track at all and has to (read: MUST) rely on Danja for heat records.


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