New music: Namie Amuro - Dr. & Wild

New music: Namie Amuro - Dr. & WildThat cool chick with the slickest hair in Japan has a double A-side on the go! As with her last single release 60s 70s 80s, "Dr." and "Wild" are product tie in's. With "Dr." being used in conjuction with a Vidal Sassoon campaign and "Wild" being used for Coca Cola Zero.

Listen: Dr.

Listen: Wild

Dr. / Wild
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"Dr." is a wierd one. It sounds like a song from an anime in the 80's. I'm not feeling it. It's just odd. I like that Namie tried something different, but this is just not all that good. I may give it repeated listens, to see if it grows on me. Because Namie is that chick and I love her music. But on an initial listen, I just didn't like it. It seems like the kind of song I'll only like when it has really cool video to go along with it. But I'll give it a chance, because I'm so sprung on the fact it's something new from Namie and deep down I genuinely want to like it. Stupid of me, I know! But I love Namie Amuro. I think it's her hair. I just wanna run my fingers through it, amongst other things. I got sumthin' for her hair. It ain't expensive as Vidal Sassoon, but it's just as... Okay, I'm going to stop!

"Wild" on the other hand, I fell for straight away. I love it! Namie always stays bang on trend with her releases and continues to do so with this song. It sounds like an electro-pop equivalent of her song "Violet sauce". The beat on the chorus is absolute fire. Namie has the kind of voice that really suits these kinds of songs, because her vocals layer so well and are able to just blend with the music. Namie also gets a gold star for her improved english. It sounds much better on this song than it has before. Kudos!! Namie is always on point with her image and music videos, so I hope she KILLS it with how she puts it down in the video.

It's highly likely Namie will have a new album on the way later this year. I bloody well hope so. I've played Play to death, I need something new from her.

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  1. Dude, Dr. is FIRE! This is the first time I've ever heard a song by this chick (eventhough you've posted about her before it seems, hmmmm), and I'm in love with this song. That first little part where the beat changes into some kinda crazy, stuttering beat, I was loving it!

    Wild is hot as well. I can see her doing a sexy video to this song.

  2. "Dr." sounds like the music that they play during Mario Brothers, when Princess Toadstool is giving you a new quest.

    "Wild"... is golden. Love it.

  3. Wild - Hot beat, nice song i love it, everytime i plug Past<Future in my stereo wild has me dancing.

    Dr. - I don't know, but that song has something special, maybe the lyrics 'tell her is important Dr.' they are not namie's style at all, kind of dark, but the song is my favorite from the album, so much drama!!!

    Both sound beatiful in the instrumentals


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