New music: Rihanna - Whippin' my hair

New music: Rihanna - Whippin' my hairFirst we had "Emergency room", now "Whippin' my hair". It wouldn't surprise me if Def Jam finally decided to go and release "Breakin' dishes" right about now, just to add song titled insults to Rihanna's injuries. The 'punch'lines are writing themselves. No idea whether this song is for her fourth studio album or another re-release of Good girl gone bad. I wouldn't put it past Def Jam to re-release the album again! The song see's Tricky Stweart and The Dream handling production and songwriting duties for The Forehead once again.

Listen: Whippin' my hair

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I see folk still aren't done trying to cat Timbo's style. This song has potential, but Rihanna just doesn't work the swagger on this track to the extent she should have. A chick like the Beyondroid would've done wonders with this song. She would've injected that energy that Rihanna lacks and you know she would've gone and shot a video for the song for no reason - complete with desaturation of colour and the thrashing of her weave like her career depends on it.


  1. You couldn't be more right about this track. it takes everything that I liked about Sell me Candy and just cheapens it.

  2. "Sell me candy" was such a hot track. It should've been made a single. I'm surprised clubs didn't jump on it at the very least.


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