New music: Black eyed peas - Boom boom pow

New music: Black eyed peas - Boom Boom PowAfter Fergie pretty much shutting it down with her solo album and struggling to push units of his, The Black eyed peas are set to release their fifth studio album The E.N.D (The energy never dies), preceded by the lead single "Boom Boom Pow".

Listen: Boom Boom Pow

The E.N.D
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I like the 808's, especially when they knock heavy when the snares come in. I'd rock to this in a club, but the song is underwhelming and complete crap. It's just a stripped down version of "My humps" with auto tune and a bunch of synths thrown in towards the end. Everybody talks about how the music game is stale, but these same people are the ones jumping on the 808's, handclaps and auto tune bandwagon. It's a joke. Fergie's line about chickens jagging her swagger was just pot, kettle, jet black. Has she listened to this song?! She needs to sit down and look after her husband. I'm surprised she jumped on board for another Black eyed peas album. I thought she would've tried to squeeze out another solo record first given her debut did so well.

I couldn't help but think Kanye would've done wonders with "Boom boom pow"'s beat. Dude has been on his A-game with the raps lately and I just know he would've shut this song down, because let's be honest: The black eyed peas rhymes on this track are whack. Hopefully Kanye will glance over this post and hop on a remix. Because his flow on the beat would lift this song out of glaring mediocrity and into something actually worth bothering with.


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