New music: Cassie featuring P. Diddy - Must be love

New music: Cassie featuring P. Diddy - Must be loveCassie's finally come up for air for her new single "Must be love". P. Diddy said his purpose with this song was to bring back that classic Bad boy sound, which means dry arse beats and monotony. Nothing Bad boy's rolled out has been decent since Biggie died. And we all know when Diddy' produces', it's really the work of some other n***a who gets paid chicken scraps. Just ask Mario Winans.

Listen: Must be love

Cassie's oft-delayed sophomore studio album
© 2009 Bad boy records, Atlantic recording corporation, a Warner music group

The beat could've been fire, but several small things come together to just ruin the whole song: the cowbell, the noises which sound like a gun being cocked every other second, the needle on vinyl, P. Diddy infecting the song with his viral flow and the monotony. Cassie's vocal game is still as weak as ever. The biggest mistake she could've made was to kick Ryan Leslie to the curb. Another mistake both she and her people made was to not drop "Thirsty" as a single, because to this day the song is fire and channels what made her debut album so hot and club worthy. I still spin the song now.

Cassie must be giving P. Diddy some good arse head for him to not have dropped her already. Cassie's been given more chances than most other Bad boy artists. I know Danity Kane be cussing Cassie out behind her back. How can they not!? Bitch can't sing, hasn't had to hustle how they hustled, yet she gets kept on the roster and given chance after chance. Just goes to show, having talent and putting out solid albums don't mean shit these days.


  1. I don't know who the hell this girl is but this record sounds like it was made in somebody's basement.

  2. *LMAO!!!* @ "this record sounds like it was made in somebody's basement."

    D'ya know what...that right there was the perfect way to describe the song.

  3. That shit is funny! The girl is such a W#$re.. She's always down in the islands behind her gal pal from 106 n Park. That's if that show is still around. Tramps of a feather sure do flock together.


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