New music: Dawn Richard - If I could

New music: Dawn Richard - If I couldDawn Richard (aka The nigerian uncle aka Uncle Tolu) has another solo song on the loose. Unlike the other pieces of tat that she's bestowed us with, this is actually really nice.

Listen: If I could

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As with "Falls away" this song would've been hella tight in the hands of Brandy. The whole song just stinks of B-Rocka. And as always, you know she would go there with the vocal production and ban the auto tune. Dawn aims to release a soundtrack for her Danity Kane comic, and "Falls away" is confirmed for the project. But plans to debut properly as a debut artist are still up in the air. If she goes and signs to Bad boy, she may was well apply for a job at Wal Mart now, because as we all know: artists signed to Bad Boy either get constant push backs on their albums, end up in jail or end up dead. Or in the case of Cassie, catching carpet burn on their knees daily and bad cases of lock jaw.


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