New music: Esmée Denters - Outta here

New music: Esmée Denters - Outta hereI was wondering when this girl was going to drop a single. Seems now is the time. Esmee's brand new debut single "Outta here" Produced by Polow Da Don and written by Justin Timberlake.

Listen: Outta here

Esmée's debut album
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This gets a thumbs up from me. I did not expect a song with this kind of sound from Esmee's first single, but I see Justin kept her shit bang on trend. The song has a very RedOne sound about it. "Outta here" doesn't showcase Esmée's vocals to their full extent, but shows them off just enough that you can tell the girl can sing. As a lead single I think it's a good choice. Enough of a bounce that clubs will spin it and has that accessible pop edge that radio digs. One thing came to mind when I first heard this - the song reminded me of something from Kiley Dean's Changes.

I wonder how big a star Esmée is going to be... She has a huge YouTube following, but will she have that air about her on stage and in music videos that will enable us to look at her as a star? I guess time will tell. I'll be checking out her album when it drops regardless of her star quality, because I know Justin Timberlake will do the damn thing for this girl where song writers and producers are concerned. The dude's a fool and he looks like a tramp, but he doesn't play when it comes to the music.


  1. I don't like it. The beat sounds pretty generic to me and it didn't get me moving at all. When it ended, I realized I was waiting for it to end the entire time. Not a good sign. Also, she was over-singing the first two verses. People who already know her name already know she can sing. She should have worried about riding the beat and the melody at the beginning and then brought out the bigger vocals later. As it is now, it's like she's battling the music. With some tweaks I think this could be a decent first single for her. But, it sounds really amateur to me, at this stage.

  2. I didn't like it, either. The song felt too Asia Cruise for me... plus, I always thought that Esmée was going to be an alternative artist, and not some Justin/Polow pop artist. Pop and R&B are becoming dead to me.


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