New music: Jennifer Lopez - Hooked on you

New music: Jennifer Lopez - Hooked on you
Jennifer is prepping a new album. No confirmation as of yet whether it will end up being a new studio album or the rumoured Greatest hits. But either way, we have a new song from J.Lo which is called "Hooked on you". It's been floating around for a few weeks. But I heard it for the first time when I was out a couple of nights ago and just had to post it. This is my jam right now...

Listen: Hooked on you

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Jennifer's vocals leave a lot to be desired; but my God, the beat! It's so infectious. You can't help but move to it. A lot of people on the Internets think the song sounds like Janet's "Feedback", including one of my friends who I was out with when we heard it in the club. But I'm not hearing it at all. Although now I've got Janet's name in my mouth, I'll put it out there and say she would've sounded hot on this song and have had full licence to go hard with the dancing in a music video.

This is just the kind of song Jennifer needs to make a comeback: hot production, a catchy chorus, not too much highlighting of the fact she can't sing, and something dark and thumping that folk can get down and sweat out to. It's songs like this that her Brave album was seriously lacking. Jennifer can't do those meaningful mid-tempo's. She's not got the vocals, nor the capacity for it. She's in her element when she's on the uptempo radio and club friendly jams.


  1. I wouldn't have even though about comparisons to "Feedback" without you mentioning it, but since you did mention it, I can see where your friend and others are coming from. It's not a strong similarity, but I can see it.

    The song was short, but sweet, although I don't love it after the first listen. It was kinda one of those "oh that was cool" without thinking twice about it. But it will probably be one of those that grows.

    Oh and I agree Janet would have killed this.


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