New music: Maboroshi x Crystal Kay - Music is mine

New music: Maboroshi x Crystal Kay - Music is mineJapanese rap duo Maboroshi have collaborated with Crystal Kay for their new song, from their new album: the rocked out "Music is mine".

Listen: Music is mine

Maboroshi no shi
© 2009 Sony music entertainment Japan

Whenever Crystal features on a song she makes it hot. (I'm not acknowledging that bullshit "Universe" that B.Oa went and dragged Crystal into). The song ain't half bad! The beat grates after a while, but the rapping is cool, and as a Crystal Kay fan it's just plain nice to hear her on something new. She sounds great as always. I think she may have actually stepped up her vocal game on this track. She does the damn thing with the chorus.

Maboroshi are signed to Sony records (just like Crystal) and "Music is mine" is taken from their third studio album Maboroshi no shi which will release on March 25. Their album also see's them collaborating with Shina Ringo. A track I can't wait to hear.


  1. I never knew collaborations could be so lame...

  2. I like this song. I want to hear more new CK.


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