New music: Utada - Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence - FYI

New music: Utada - Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence - FYIStand by Hikaru lovers. A full length song from her forthcoming english language album This is the one.

Listen: Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence - FYI
This is the one
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F**king amazing. It's like "Exodus '09". It does a great job of bridging the gap between her US music and her Japanese releases. This song would've sounded right at home on Heart station or Deep river. The music, the lyrics, Hikaru's vocals - everything about this song is on point. It's damn near perfect. I love the quriky lyrics. The reference to Captain Pickard and how he be "chillin' and flossin'" made me chuckle. Only Hikaru would put something like that in a song of hers. The only thing that could've made me love this song more would be if Hikaru had snuck in some Japanese. A little "Chotto-ee, Chotto-ee. Whaaat? Whaaat? Matta-ne, matta-ne, Yeaah! Yeaah!". But as is, the song is great. I love it. She should release the song as a single, especially in Japan.

Stargate and Hikaru seem to make a brilliant match based on "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence - FYI" and "Come back to me". It'd be great if Stargate worked with Hikaru on her future Japanese releases. They seem to have done a great job of keeping her sound distinctly hers, but with their own signature twists here and there. I was a bit skeptical about Stargate doing so much of the album, but after hearing this song - I can't wait to hear their other contributions in full.

This is the one's release date has been pushed back in Japan and also the US. Japan will see the album on March 14, with the America's seeing a May 12 release in stores - although the album will be available digitally from March 24. Still not enough in the way of promotion to ensure the album sells better than Exodus. But that Def Jam for ya. Unless you're stiff, light skinned and have a forehead like a PlayStation 3, they ain't investing shit in you. Hopefully this album will be a surprise hit or at the very least cause Hikaru to register on radars.


  1. I'm surprised, J. With such a short tracklist, I thought you'd be with me in keeping a closed ear to Hikki until we got our hands on the full package. Glad you like it, though. (Not that I could imagine you disliking it).

  2. I thought I should post something on her. Because sooner or later a link would've ended up on my little message box thingy anyway. *lol* God knows she needs all the help she can get, Def Jam don't seem to be doing shit for her.

    Plus, this album will still sound more exclusive than her Japanese albums given she'll only have one single out by the time the album drops. Unlike Japanese albums where half of it gets released as singles long before the album arrives. That shit is annoying! None of Hikaru's albums sounded new as a result of that. That's why with Heart station I didn't listen to the last 2 singles she dropped from it. I just copped the album so that was at least an additional 3 songs I hadn't heard.

  3. I'm less enthusiastic about this song - it'll probably grow on me (as all Utada's songs do) but at the moment, I prefer Come Back to Me.

    I am fond of the piano and the quirky lyrics, but just something about it doesn't get me going...can’t put my finger on it. I think that the title should just be F.Y.I., it's a lot easier to say and most fans will just abbreviate it anyways.

    My pre-ordered Japanese copy should be with me this Saturday! I've also ordered Deep River - an album I've been wanting for a while. Can't wait to listen to both. :-)

  4. I played this song all day today. My iPod kept shuffling itself at the slightest movement to try and get off the track! *lol*

    Deep river is a great album. It's probably the Hikaru album I played the most. I always put it on for those nights when I'm finding it hard to sleep.

  5. I love the song. It's better than "Come back to me". Everything about it just sounds tighter and it's so hot! The very beginning is one of my favorite parts with the beat dropping and then the "ah ah ah ah"

    This song has me even more excited about the CD, despite it being pushed back. To think, the album would have released on Tuesday and I haven't heard or seen a damn thing about it.


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