Special edition: Janet - Miss Jackson

Def Jam ain't doing shit for Janet and her fans - so I will. This is a re-edited and revised version of Discipline which I've titled Miss Jackson: featuring songs from Damita Ho and 20 N.O.

Some of the songs have been re-edited to be a bit more mp3 player and playlist friendly. I know Janet's albums tend to have the individual tracks mix into one another, which makes for a nice listening experience when playing a whole album through. But when you rip individual tracks the end and start can sound ragged. So I've fixed that for ya's!

It's a real shame Def Jam gave up on Janet, because Discipline could've sold really well and had a string of top 10 singles. "Feedback", "Rock with you", "LUV" and "2nite" all could've burned up a chart. But 2 of the songs stalled, 1 didn't even get a video and the other didn't even get to be a single. As much as fans can blame Def Jam, Janet herself is also to blame. Worse than letting a label give up on her, she gave up on herself. She has the money and resources to fund her own promotion, music videos and keep an album afloat - but she chose to do nothing and let the album bomb. A down right shame.

So until Janet decides to sort her music career out, enjoy Miss Jackson - which I think is a pretty hot album if I do say so myself!


  1. Thanks a lot J. I'm downloading for sure.

    A tracklist would've been good, but I'll figure it out for myself when I listen to it.

  2. You're so full of awesome my friend! :D

  3. AHHHHHHH!!! lol

    I freaking love it when You do Special editions :-D :-D

    Been away for while, but stil one yor biggest fan J :-D

    hey junlee

  4. What it do Ralph! :)

    *waves at Ralph*


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