Bonus material: Brandy - Love me the most

Bonus material: Brandy - Love me the mostSeveral visitors of this blog have asked for another album of Brandy material that went unreleased. I'm hesitant about doing it, because I always have this feeling there's more unreleased Brandy around the corner - and looks what we gets... Another unreleased Brandy joint leak on us! I'm pissed that pretty much an albums worth of solid material got left off of Human, but at the same time I love having all of these timeless Brandy songs to play the hell out of.

Check it out: Love me the most
Human (Unreleased)
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Brandy is so STUPID! "Love me the most" is a damn classic! How the hell could she have left this shit off of Human!? The song is insane!! This got flung into iTunes and onto the iPod so quick. It goes without saying Brandy's vocal game is A. But the beat, the lyrics - HOTNESS! Be sure to play this song up loud, because it knocks HARD! I hopped in the car and took me a midnight drive, just to hear it knock in the whip - and it satisfied me to no end.

I'm not sure who produced this. It's tough to call these days. The song has classic Darkchild staples: such as the windchimes, the strings and the way the bassline is worked. But I also get The Underdogs and Eric Hudson vibes, whilst the piano melody gives off a very Bryan Michael-Cox and Brian Kennedy feel. Regardless of whether Rodney, Harvey, Antonio, Eric, Bryan, Brian or some crackhead n***a from Crenshaw produced the beat: the song is absolute fire. It's tracks like this and "Bring it back" that Human was lacking for me.

Judging from the leaked songs, it's sounding almost as though Brandy recorded 2 albums. One which chronicled overcoming adversity and coming to terms with your true self with pop overtones, and another which dealt with the complications of love and had stronger R&B overtones. She should've struck a balance between the two styles of songs. Because whilst Human was a great album, a lot of these leaked songs are better than what made the cut.


  1. The song IS a classic!! I didn't bump it in the car, but I put my headphones in, and I can tell this song got some mad bass! When it got into iTunes, I saw the artwork. Did you do that? It's tight!

    Btw, I need to download your B-Rocka again, because since I got my Mac, I don't have it anymore. This is getting added to it, along with a few others that weren't on it.

  2. Bring It Back > Dig This > Love Me The Most but I love all three of them. Eric Hudson stole B-Cox's sound and recycled it to death lol


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