New music: Brooke Hogan featuring $tacks - Falling

New music: Brooke Hogan featuring $tacks - FallingI must be feeling generous. Because I'm finding myself posting Hulk Hogan's daughter's new song. I must be one of the few blogs actually posting this shit, so I hope Brooke appreciates this.

Brooke's new single is called "Falling" - which is exactly what this song will continue doing once it charts. If it even charts at all. In all honesty "Falling" isn't completely terrible. It's just really, really bland and boring.

Listen: Falling

The redemption
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This song is not going to launch Brooke the way she hopes it will. She may as well fill out an application for Wendy's now. Brooke needs to just sit down and do the only thing she's good at doing as of late: being Hulk Hogan's daughter and looking like a man whose full time occupation is looking like an over tanned ho at public events. She'll never have herself a successful music career.

The only song Brooke Hogan did that I really did like was "For a moment" - which in the hands of the likes of Kiley Dean would've been complete killer.


  1. Brooke is fine, but she sure as hell can't sing. Without all that TV exposure, no way would she have gotten a record deal.

  2. At least she sticks to the roots she planted with her first album. This is the kinda song I'd feel comfortable hear Cassie, erm, "performing"... not that "Must Be Love" stuff. Her new tracks are too busy for her "voice".

    And, "For A Moment" was GOLD... Brooke and Kiley on that track like Kiley and Utada on "By Your Side" would set it off. But, I like this song. It retains the smooth style that Brooke has already established. Can't wait to DL the album.

  3. Random J "She may as well fill out an application for Wendy's now." LMAO

    This is the first time I've heard her sing. The song sounds ok but it sounds like 10 others on the radio and that rap has to go. The music is what makes it. It's ok for a listen but I wouldn't spend money on anything she put out seeing as how she really can't sing.


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