New music: Cassie featuring The Dream - Keep on lovin' me

New music: Cassie featuring The Dream - Keep on lovin' meKneepads (aka Cassie) has had a song spring a leak. On this occassion we have The Dream on songwriting duties, with Tricky Stewart on production. With Danja, The Neptunes, Kanye West, Eric Hudson and now The Dream and Tricky on board for her album, can't nobody say Cassie doesn't put the work into it...or some neck and some back.

Listen: Keep on lovin' me

Cassie's tentatively titled sophomore album 'Electro love'
© 2009 Bad boy records, Atlantic recording corporation, a Warner music group

The Dream can't sing for shit and neither can Kneepads. So the worst thing possible was for the 2 of them to do a song together. They must have done this song out of spite. That's the only reason I can think of why they made my ears bleed by wailing and hitting pitchy notes on some gangsta frequency that gave me migranes.

The song is whack. It sounds like Kelis & Andre 3000's "Millionaire", only not good. With the right duo, this could've been alright because I quite like the beat. But The Dream and Kneepads just do not sell the song enough for me. At this rate I don't think I'm going to like Kneepads' forthcoming album. Unless more of the types of songs we dug from her debut are being vaulted for the final tracklist.


  1. I like the song. Too bad this album is never coming out...

    We're actually coming up on the first anniversary of the original release date for the album LOL


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